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And she said let there be fic!! And there was!

Title: Phobic
Rating: PG-13ish
Warmings: vaguest if-you-squint spoiler for something minor in S7.
Summary: It's not that Tony's afraid; he's a seasoned field agent with kills and ops and the pneumonic plague and Jethro Gibbs for a boss under his belt.Collapse )


Broken Mirrors. I got glue.

Okay, if anyone is still interested (besides chirugal  and onlyonechoice) Amy has been insistently persistent and gotten my juices flowing again regarding Broken Mirrors. I know it's been a year and I feel badly for stepping away when I got involved in Tony/Gibbs, and getting my own shit together. 

TLDR; shit together, Mirrors gettin' fixed. Expect fic.

I appreciate all the love Mirrors got and I hope someone remembers it! lol 

Regarding Broken Mirrors

Okay guys, I've owed you this explanation for a while, so here it goes.

Broken Mirrors is not abandoned. Repeat.

Not abandoned.

It still has a home and I love it very much.

That being said, things are... hard right now in real life for me, a little harder than they've ever been before, so I am dealing with them the best that I can.

While I truly appreciate all the love you've shown my fic, and I really realize that you all deserve a resolution as much as Gibbs and Shelby/Abby do, I can't give it the kind of attention and quality I feel like my baby deserves. Mirrors came out of a really bad place in my life, and I don't think Abby can resolve hers till I deal with mine.

If that makes sense. Writing Mirrors takes more out of me than I have to give right now. Right now, I feel like Abby in chapter nine.

In any case, I don't want to sound ungrateful for the nudges, the well-wishes, LJ-camp-outs, every single comment or silent reader of Mirrors, or any of my other pieces. I appreciate the fandom, and the kind, intelligent, fascinating people it's brought into my life this year, who have all made me smile, and not one been rude or judgemental. 

So. I guess that's it.


Title: Weighted Scales
Authors: onlyonechoice  and piwrit_queen 
Rating: Show me your ID's kiddies. NC-17, ahoy!
Summary: Post-"Chained", Tony is not okay.
Pairing: Gibbs/Tony


Wants and Needs (Gibbs/DiNozzo, PG-13)

Title: Wants and Needs
Author: QueenRudi
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2561
Prompt: Thing-a-Thon VII; Gibbs, Gibbs angry that Tony rejected offer of own team, Loyalty, Trust, "What do you want me to say Gibbs?",  and finally, Why Tony secretly liked Gibb's moustache
Character(s): Tony DiNozzo, Jethro Gibbs
Summary: The mustache was a silent Bat-signal to Tony. Gibbs needed help, obviously.Collapse )
That's riiiiiiiiight!! Two more drabbles!!

One for denorios who requested

Gibbs and Abby, picnic in the park. it went a little sideways, but still a PG rating:Collapse )

And one for driftingatdusk (who's Made To Be Broken series is NOT to be missed) requested a Gibbs/Abby misunderstanding, and I'm calling it PG-13Collapse )


Okay... This is the drabble grab bag!! Keep checking back while I update. I'm going to put the name of the request-ee, pairing, prompt, and rating!

At least, that's how its working out so far. :) 

onlyonechoice (you dirty trollop) asked for, and recieved: 
1. Gibbs/Abby: Nasty (nc-17) Collapse )
2. Tony: hurt/pain (pg-13)Collapse )-

ncis_love asked for and received (though maybe not what she was thinking)
Gibbs/Abby: sweat (pg)Collapse )
Tony/Abby: 7 Minutes in Heaven (pg-13)Collapse ).-

imacartwright asked for stripping Gibbs or Abby. She got it, and a simple pg-13 rating.Collapse )

Indecent proposal.

Sorry, no fic, just futzing about my day and week.

I got an Eee PC, and it's SOOOOOOOO tiny!! The keys are mega small and the screen is barely nine inches.

I love it.

I'm typing on a standard keyboard now, and my fingers feel like they're stretching hugely. Also, Facebook (eater of souls) has sucked me in again with the "Five Things" application.

Five people I want to see naked:

Tony DiNozzo
Robert Downey Jr.
Vanessa Ferlito
Billy Idol

Yeah you.

So. Since I just insulted your honor, or you body image, or titillated you, I owe you, or you owe me.

A'right Sparky, here's the deal:

Leave me a pairing, or prompt, and I will write you a drabble. Give me a color, a feel, a phrase, and I'll make it happen by Sunday. Bring it on. Get my juices flowing again.